Contemplating Solo Travel

As some of you know, Rico and I are in Flagstaff, AZ indefinitely. The Mini Cooper needs a new clutch and the RV needs a lot of things repaired, so Rico found a good job and we’re saving money to fix everything.

Once the RV is repaired, I’m thinking about doing some traveling solo – with the fur babies of course. I am, however, a bit scared of setting off on my own. I’m excited as well, but the fear is bigger than the excitement at this point.

I am contemplating doing this because I hate being stuck in one place! Ever since we began this nomad life back in November of 2017, I have loved it (and hated it) so much that I can’t imagine stopping. Rico understands completely and has given me his blessing. The only things holding me back now are the necessary RV repairs and my trepidation.

I know there are a lot of single ladies traveling and living the nomad life, and I know they are doing it very successfully, so it can be done. My problem is that I am a little bit anxious about being alone if I have a medical issue.

Friends have suggested that I travel with other people, which is a good idea, but I really want to do this alone. I NEED to do it alone. I need to know I can do it, and I need time alone to work on some of my personal issues. I also need time to heal, and that is best accomplished with loads of personal time to be introspective. If I travel with others, I’ll feel obligated to be social, and that’s just not where I am right now.

My plan is to take a short little trip first – somewhere within an hour of Flagstaff. That way, if I get into trouble, Rico can come to rescue me. If that goes well, I’ll venture further out. I really want to go visit friends in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, but that might be a bit far. I guess I’ll plan things as I go.

Regardless, expect me to be going solo at some point later in the summer. I’ll even have my own separate YouTube channel and Facebook page so y’all can come with me in the virtual sense.

Big Love,


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