RTR 2019 + Par-T-R

I really can’t believe it’s been an entire year since we were out here in Quartzsite, AZ for our very first RTR (Rubbertramp Rendevous for those of you who don’t know). It’s been a year of learning new things, dropping old things along the path, and gaining many new friends, experiences, and a lot of knowledge.

From Arizona to California, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Nevada, we have traveled America’s highways and byways only to end up back here with both old friends and new, in the place where our journey really began.

This year’s RTR has grown much larger than last year’s, and Rico and I, along with a lot of other cool people, have added an unofficial component to the mix… the Par-T-R!

Bob Wells, the creator of the RTR, and guru to many of us nomads, is an amazing human who has dedicated his life to helping others learn how to live a life of freedom the cheapest way possible. Rico and I love and respect Bob so much, and we owe him so much, that we didn’t want to disturb his wonderful Rendevous with our loud (and sometimes obnoxious) music and parties, so… we decided to occupy the space where last year’s RTR music camp was and have our own UNOFFICIAL gathering of friends.

The group began with about 30 like-minded people who love to play music and party as much as we do, so we thought it would be a blast, but remain very small. However, we underestimated the number of people who like to make/listen to music and party around a campfire in the desert. We have been greatly surprised and excited to have so many people join us at our fires every night. It’s been an amazing five days, with many more to come.

If you are out here in the Arizona desert, at the RTR, or just close by, and you want to have a blast making and listening to great music around a campfire, come join us!

Hope to see you out there on the road!

Big Love,