The Florida Panhandle

After leaving the comfort and warmth of Venessa’s lovely home in Savannah, Rico and I were hoping that Florida would offer us good weather, beautiful sites, and no troubles. We were not disappointed!

The first night we stayed at a KOA in a little town called Perry, which is located about halfway between Jackson and Tallahassee. It was uneventful and quiet, which is what we wanted.

The next morning, we continued our westward trek and decided to stop for a couple of nights at a lovely State Park near Destin. We knew for sure we didn’t want to be ON the beach, but we wanted to be CLOSE, so we chose to stay at Fred Gannon Rocky Bayou State Park. It was a lovely little park and very quiet. We enjoyed our days there, and the beautiful scenery was a bonus.

Once we hit the road again, we decided to turn south and check out the famed sugar sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Florida Panhandle. We found some public beach access in Destin and took the dogs down to the water’s edge for a romp in the sand and surf.

Juno didn’t mind it much, but Jack absolutely hated it! He isn’t a water baby, but we’re hoping to convert him soon.

The water was crystal clear and the sand so white it hurt our eyes as the sun reflected off of it. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that a water taxi (boat) stop was right where we were and watched in amazement as the boat just “drove” up onto the sand, allowing passengers to depart or get on. It was pretty cool.

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We wanted to linger longer, but we also wanted to make Louisiana and our next stop before it got too late, so we reluctantly said goodbye to that gorgeous beach. We will return to Florida soon and explore as much as we like when we’re not on a schedule.

As we headed down the road in the Mini Cooper with two tuckered out dogs, we were both filled with the warmth and sunshine that Florida had provided. We headed toward Interstate 10 and home, with a stop in Louisiana in between.

Big Love,


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