The Calm After The Storm

After the emotional upheaval of leaving DC, the nightmare of Assateague, the tent being destroyed, and our Busking Adventure getting off to a somewhat less than stellar beginning, Rico and I were ready to find a place to decompress. We needed a couple of days of peace and quiet, far from the beach, the tent killing winds, and the cold. So did Jack and Juno.

After breakfast in Ocean City, we set off to find a new tent (having returned the defective one to Amazon via UPS). We found one, but it wasn’t what we really wanted. However, we settled because we were tired and wanted to head to our new destination.

Over breakfast, we had located a nice little State Park on the Eastern Shore of Virgina called Kiptopeke. We made a reservation for two nights and were hopeful it would provide the peace and relaxation we desperately needed.

We were not disappointed. We arrived well before dark, located our pre-reserved spot, and easily set up our new (and MUCH smaller) tent. I wasn’t pleased with the tent, I was grumpy, and I was tired.

Rico was much the same, and so we grumbled at each other a lot as we set up camp. On the other hand, the pups couldn’t have been happier! The site was very wooded and offered lots of opportunities for them to sniff a plethora of amazing new scents. They were in doggie heaven.

We had no trouble setting up the tent, then we sat down and chatted about our situation, made the necessary apologies, and got to work building our first campfire of the season and the adventure. It was amazing! We ate cold sandwiches for dinner, which were really delicious, and roasted marshmallows over the fire. All in all, it was a great evening. We were in bed and dreaming of better days before 8 pm.

We ended up staying at Kiptopeke for three nights, and it was the best decision we could have made at that point. On Sunday nearly everyone left, and we had the entire cul-de-sac where our camp was located all to ourselves. We were able to let the dogs off the leashes to explore (we kept a close eye on them) and we also took them for long walks (on leash) to check out the area. It was amazing! Everyone loved it and got the rest and relaxation we needed.

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Rico really enjoyed experimenting with cooking over the campfire, and I have to say, the meals were fabulous!

On Tuesday morning, we loaded up the Mini Cooper and the trailer, and then we bid a fond farewell to Kiptopeke State Park along with the peace and quiet. We really wanted to stay longer, but the road called and we answered.

We were off to the Outer Banks and Kitty Hawk to see the birthplace of flight and check out the rest of the Eastern Shore. It didn’t turn out as great as we had hoped. Stay tuned for more…

Big Love,


2 thoughts on “The Calm After The Storm

  1. I’ve read the first two installments, and i’m looking forward to what happens next! When the second tent went bad, i went “AW!” You guys did have a rough start! Poor things! I’m sorry to laugh, but its funny! I’m sure it wasn’t while it was happening, but from the very first action where Rico jumped for the leash, I was amused.. Not liking the fact that you guys are sometimes very cold! The camping has got to improve, surely. Camping is usually more fun that this!


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