The Departure

Our hearts are filled with mixed emotions today… We are leaving a very happy place. This place has nurtured us both musically and spiritually for almost five years. We have come to know and love many talented and wonderful people in this city, and we have been blessed beyond what we could have ever imagined by knowing them.

Our hearts are full of love for these cherished friends as we wave goodbye to this town and look forward to the road ahead. Our eyes are filled with tears as we put DC in the rearview and America’s vistas ahead.

To all of you DC friends: We will miss you, but we will be back around again soon. We have loved you and been blessed to know you. Thanks for all the love, care, music, support, laughter, comfort, communal meals, and shared experiences.

But… we are equally excited and are anticipating many epic adventures on the road ahead. We are looking forward to the new people we will meet, the places we will explore, the experiences we will have, and the memories we will make.

Remember, dear friends, we will be back around to DC before you know it. And we WILL play music together again. ‘Til then here’s to all our DC friends!

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