The Frustrations

Grrrrrr… sometimes I just want to pull my hair out over all these minuscule details that are keeping me from truly enjoying our last days in DC.

Yesterday it was the maddening nature that is the DMV. Today it was discovering that the receiver we ordered for our hitch on the Mini Cooper won’t work and scrambling to find something that will in the few days we have left.

Additionally, some old man on the street in front of my house said some hateful comments about my appearance as I was exiting my car. I told him where to go, but it still sticks in my craw. What makes people think they have the right to say something to random strangers on the street? I couldn’t care less what he thinks, I just don’t want to hear it.

On top of all that, I am still staring at piles of “stuff” that I don’t know what to do with… tick tock, tick tock… time is running out!

I’d much rather be spending this time being a tourist in DC, visiting with friends, writing, practicing music, making art… anything other than these devilish details.

One thing that went surprisingly smooth today was our visit to the Post Office to apply for our Passports. In and out in less than half an hour. Who knew it would be that easy? Thanks, Postal employees! You’re doing a great job!

Time to get back to sorting through those piles… November 1st will be here before I know it!

Big Love,


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