The Little Things

Rico and I are currently knee-deep in the overwhelming task of getting rid of our stuff, and it seems that we will never finish!

We are down to the little stuff; the papers and pictures and keepsakes and sentimental stuff that every single person accumulates a ton of over the course of a lifetime. It is maddening… do we keep it? scan it for a digital copy and throw away the paper copy? just throw it away? I have stacks and boxes in little clusters all over my living room. They are on the floor, on the remaining furniture, and spilling over into the bedroom and kitchen. How did we get so much crap?

The pictures are going to each of my children. I will let them fight over who keeps what. I have digital copies of my favorites, so I’m fine.

The important papers are being scanned, then shredded and discarded. The certified copies of birth certificates, the marriage license, etc. are being stored in a fire-proof lock box and will travel with us along with our passports.

The sentimental things… that’s the hard one. What to do with all those cards and letters and cute drawings and sweet scribbles my children and my husband have blessed me with over the years?

For many of them, I’m simply staring at them for a long time and rereading them many times over in an effort to commit them to memory. The ones I can scan, I will, but many things aren’t scannable so they will have to live only in my memories.

A few things I can’t bear to part with are being boxed up and will be taken to live in my childhood bedroom at my mother’s home until she either passes or moves into a nursing home. I’ll deal with those things when I have to.

A few other things will be living in my old room as well. Our PA system, Rico’s prized guitar, his favorite amp, our beautiful dishes, our awesome juicer, and a few other things that won’t be needed on the journey, but are too expensive to replace once we come off the road and get another home of our own (if we ever choose to do that).

The little things… I never thought they would be the most difficult and time-consuming things to sort through. However, I am finding that these little things do mean a lot (like the song says)… they mean a lot more than I could have ever imagined.

Big Love,



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