The Frustrations

Grrrrrr… sometimes I just want to pull my hair out over all these minuscule details that are keeping me from truly enjoying our last days in DC.

Yesterday it was the maddening nature that is the DMV. Today it was discovering that the receiver we ordered for our hitch on the Mini Cooper won’t work and scrambling to find something that will in the few days we have left.

Additionally, some old man on the street in front of my house said some hateful comments about my appearance as I was exiting my car. I told him where to go, but it still sticks in my craw. What makes people think they have the right to say something to random strangers on the street? I couldn’t care less what he thinks, I just don’t want to hear it.

On top of all that, I am still staring at piles of “stuff” that I don’t know what to do with… tick tock, tick tock… time is running out!

I’d much rather be spending this time being a tourist in DC, visiting with friends, writing, practicing music, making art… anything other than these devilish details.

One thing that went surprisingly smooth today was our visit to the Post Office to apply for our Passports. In and out in less than half an hour. Who knew it would be that easy? Thanks, Postal employees! You’re doing a great job!

Time to get back to sorting through those piles… November 1st will be here before I know it!

Big Love,


The Little Things

Rico and I are currently knee-deep in the overwhelming task of getting rid of our stuff, and it seems that we will never finish!

We are down to the little stuff; the papers and pictures and keepsakes and sentimental stuff that every single person accumulates a ton of over the course of a lifetime. It is maddening… do we keep it? scan it for a digital copy and throw away the paper copy? just throw it away? I have stacks and boxes in little clusters all over my living room. They are on the floor, on the remaining furniture, and spilling over into the bedroom and kitchen. How did we get so much crap?

The pictures are going to each of my children. I will let them fight over who keeps what. I have digital copies of my favorites, so I’m fine.

The important papers are being scanned, then shredded and discarded. The certified copies of birth certificates, the marriage license, etc. are being stored in a fire-proof lock box and will travel with us along with our passports.

The sentimental things… that’s the hard one. What to do with all those cards and letters and cute drawings and sweet scribbles my children and my husband have blessed me with over the years?

For many of them, I’m simply staring at them for a long time and rereading them many times over in an effort to commit them to memory. The ones I can scan, I will, but many things aren’t scannable so they will have to live only in my memories.

A few things I can’t bear to part with are being boxed up and will be taken to live in my childhood bedroom at my mother’s home until she either passes or moves into a nursing home. I’ll deal with those things when I have to.

A few other things will be living in my old room as well. Our PA system, Rico’s prized guitar, his favorite amp, our beautiful dishes, our awesome juicer, and a few other things that won’t be needed on the journey, but are too expensive to replace once we come off the road and get another home of our own (if we ever choose to do that).

The little things… I never thought they would be the most difficult and time-consuming things to sort through. However, I am finding that these little things do mean a lot (like the song says)… they mean a lot more than I could have ever imagined.

Big Love,



The Goodbyes

Birthday parties are characteristically happy celebrations and fun times, and adult birthday gatherings are typically imbued with copious amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Such was the get-together at our place on Friday, October 20th. Rico’s birthday was Thursday, October 19th, and mine was Saturday, October 21st, so Friday was the perfect party day, and since it was our final potluck jam party in DC, it also became our farewell event.

I can’t put into words the gamut of emotions that ran through my spirit on Friday. I was super excited to see all of our friends, to play music with them again, to laugh together, and to chat about each other’s lives. At the same time, I was quite melancholy—I knew it would be the last time I would be seeing these people for at least a year.

As anticipated, it was a rousing good time, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. There were moments of laughter, a few tears, some heartfelt words were spoken, and a lot of great music was played.

By the time we waved goodbye to our final guests at five-thirty on Saturday morning, Rico and I were pooped out but agreed it had been the best party ever.

I shed quite a few tears after laying my head on the pillow. I was thinking of all the wonderful people we have had the pleasure to know over the past (almost) five years in the DMV. Some of them have already exited our lives, and others are brand new treasures we have recently discovered. All of them have added to the tapestry that is the story of my life.

By the time I opened my eyes late in the day on Saturday, I was past the gloomy feelings and had set my sights on the final week in DC.

There is so much to do it is almost overwhelming. We still have furniture in our house that has to go, a lot of loose ends to tie up, and a lot of people to see before we can make our exit.
That being said, I really want to take the time to be tourists here in DC. We’ve never really gotten to do that because of work and other obligations, so I’m hoping we’ll have time to squeeze that in amidst all the other “have to get done” items.

Whew! These last few months have been crazy and stupid and fun! I’m going to miss you, DC… but I’ll be back!

Big Love,