The Learning Curve

The process of planning an epic road trip is overwhelming, to say the least, and often filled with more questions than answers. As a somewhat technically challenged individual, I have come up against a lot of things that have caused me to stop my forward progress just so I can watch YouTube tutorials on the thing that I am struggling with.

I love YouTube, and I especially love the people who take the time to make these tutorials. I am in awe of not only their knowledge but their dedication to educating people like me.

The latest thing I’m struggling with, in the technology realm, is learning how to use my newly acquired GoPro. We got it by bartering with a fellow artisan, and she cannot locate the manual. I have solved that problem by downloading the PDF of the manual I found online. Now comes the hard part—figuring it out.

My learning style is very hands on—I’m a Kinesthetic learner—I have to have someone show me while I have the thing in my hands and can do it right along with the instructor. That’s where YouTube comes in… Rico and I will be looking at the manual, watching the tutorials on YouTube, and playing with the camera at the same time. Hopefully, we will figure it out. If not, we have a dear friend who is a pro at the GoPro and he has offered to help us if we need it.

Recently, I had to learn how to edit videos. I’m here to tell you folks, it wasn’t easy for me to find software that was both awesome and easy, but I found it, and I’m going to plug it here. (I don’t get anything for this recommendation—they don’t even know who I am) It is called Filmora by Wondershare, and it is the easiest video editor I’ve found. I downloaded free trials of several different editors, and this one was the winner. Totally user-friendly, lots of built-in tutorials, and really great effects. If you are looking for video editing software, I recommend you check it out.

I also am learning all about domain names and website building, as well as promotion, public relations, marketing, and social media managing. It’s really daunting and extremely time-consuming, but I’m really enjoying it. I’ve found loads of information on YouTube about these topics as well.

I’m sharing all this information to let you all know that, no matter what it is you need to learn, you can do it! It doesn’t matter what your age, education level, health, or anything else is—you can learn how to do it. I’ve discovered, with the help of the internet and good friends, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

As I acquire more knowledge, I’ll be sharing little tidbits with all of you here on the blog and on our YouTube channel. Be sure to tune in and maybe you’ll learn something from this old dog.

Big Love,


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