The Farewell Tour Begins

We’ve been in the Washington, DC area since January of 2013. I can’t believe it has really been that long…

In that time, we have made friends with the large and vibrant music community in the DMV, and it is going to be very difficult to leave.

When we first got here, for about 8 months, we were absolutely miserable. We had been involved in an exciting community in San Antonio filled with musicians and artists, and we were missing all that creative interaction.



Enter Flashband. A co-worker of Rico’s suggested he check it out, so we did, and we were instantly welcomed into the hive of supremely talented people who formed a lively community through this incredible organization.

Although Flashband has had its ups and downs over the years, it is still alive and kicking, and now part of the amazing world of 7 Drum City, which is a cornerstone of the DC music scene.

With Flashband and 7 Drum City in our lives, we began to thrive in DC. We formed multiple bands, both temporary and long-lasting, and became friends/family with a group of people who are both gifted and fun.


We began hosting monthly (eventually semi-monthly) potluck jam parties at our house in May of 2015, and it just got better. Soon 7 Drum City began hosting their own potluck jams each month, and our circle of friends and family widened.


I’ve told you all this to say: I’m really going to miss these people! I’m teary eyed as I type this…

Potluck Jam #1

They have been best friends, shoulders to cry on, cheerleaders, partners in crime, fellow activists, family, bandmates, and all around incredible additions to our lives.

As we begin our “Farewell to DC” tour, we are realizing, even more than before, how much these people have given to us—what they have meant to us—and how difficult it is going to be to say goodbye.

We love you, and we’re going to miss you, but we’ll be back to play more music, drink more wine/beer, and celebrate together. Until then, my friends, stay well!

Big Love,

Lainie & Rico

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