The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Sorry that I’ve been lax about posting lately, but I’ve been battling MS ugliness and I’ve been under the weather… I’m glad to be feeling better and back here in the blogosphere.

I have so much to do between now (September 8th) and our November 1st departure date, but I want it to be here already!

I said as much to Rico the other day and he said we needed all the days we have left to get everything done. He is correct, but…I don’t want to do all the stuff I have to do.

I DO want to write and paint and practice music. I DO want to shop for all the camping supplies we will need on the road. However, I DON’T want to decide what to keep and what to sell, price all the sale items, pack up all the keep items, go through the trash and donate items, hold the house sales, dismantle our DC lives, and say goodbye to friends.

(On the shopping front, we found a trailer that the Mini Cooper can pull, so I’m hoping to purchase it this weekend!!! YAY!)

If we could get to the adventure part without having to go through all the other stuff, I’d be fine.

Life is kind of like that, isn’t it? We work Monday through Friday, counting down the days until the weekend just so we can sit back, relax, and enjoy ourselves. We even have phrases to help us make it through the drudgery of the work week like “Hump Day” and “TGIF”.

One of the reasons we decided to take this adventure is that we can no longer tolerate that type of life—trudging through the five days of work and barely having time to live our lives during the remaining two days of the week. Life is too short for that! Imagine being a person who has to work 7 days a week?? That would be horrible, to put it mildly!

Why spend 40+ hours per week working (not to mention the commute) to pay for a house you barely live in? Why work yourself to death to line the pockets of some rich executive while you are living paycheck to paycheck?

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now…

Waiting, for me, is truly the hardest part. However, I have so much to do that time will probably fly by and November 1st will be here before I know it.

Here is my artistic to do list:

  • I just published another novel today (which means a lot of promotion is required), and I have another one I hope to finish and publish by the end of September
  • I’ve recently completed three new paintings, and my goal is to have at least 20 more finished by the time we take off
  • We have 20 songs in our busking repertoire, but we want to have 60, so we have a lot of music practice ahead of us
  • I’d like us to write and record at least 4 original songs before we leave so we can have something to offer people while we’re busking

We also have a lot of not so fun things to do, which will keep us hopping between now and our departure date. I won’t bore you with those details, but suffice it to say, it’s A LOT of stuff to accomplish in the 53 days that remain.

I’ll keep updating all of you on our progress as we head toward D-Day.

Big Love,


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