The Vagabond

I’ve always been a wanderer – a vagabond… even as a child, I would drift away from my mother if she didn’t hold tightly to my hand. As I’ve grown older, the wanderlust has only intensified.

I love to see places, meet people, experience new things, and explore the world. I adore mountains and lakes, rivers and oceans, forests and deserts, old buildings and forgotten places. I want to see it all… I want to go and revisit places I haven’t been to since I was a child, and also to discover new sites heretofore unseen.

I’ve been pingeing (binge pinning) all sorts of road trip ideas for the last four years, watching YouTube videos of nomads and #vanlifers for months, and I am getting very antsy. I want to be out there with them doing what they are doing!

The problem is, I haven’t yet figured everything out, but I’m working on it. I’m plotting and planning, I’m dreaming and scheming, and I almost have all the pieces in place. Stay tuned for details…

Big Love!